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Our world is connected.

Our world is connected.

It's time boards were too.

FT Board Network is an exclusive community for corporate boards, offering the latest intelligence and an authoritative space to debate and exchange ideas on a range of boardroom matters.

Boardroom intelligence from

FT Board Network brings together corporate boards, and combines this with the strength of the FT’s global editorial network to help teams solve leadership and governance challenges together as a community. Boards require access to diverse, objective viewpoints in order to avoid groupthink, and through FT Board Network, members have an authoritative space to exchange ideas and connect with leadership teams across different sectors.

Curated insight from the
weekly intelligence briefing

Receive a weekly intelligence briefing on the latest news, regulations and resources for corporate boards. Curated by FT senior business writer, Andrew Hill, to ensure that leadership teams are fully briefed on the latest developments.

FT Board Director Newsletter FT Board Director Newsletter

Exchange ideas and expertise

in peer-to-peer sessions

Our peer-to-peer knowledge share, hosted under Chatham House Rule, is an opportunity for boards to discuss a range of leadership issues in a safe, authoritative space. FT Board Network hosts these networking events so that members can connect in person, and facilitiates discussion groups to help guide the conversation.

Graphic depicting how the Financial Times helps strengthen client relationships Graphic depicting how the Financial Times helps strengthen client relationships

Access to world-class speakers

from anywhere in the world

Attend virtual events where renowned speakers and subject matter experts discuss future challenges and opportunities for boards. Previous speakers include Sir Alex Younger, former MI6 chief, Sir Howard Davies, chairman of Natwest Group, and Sir Jonathan Thompson, chief executive officer of Financial Reporting Council.

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FT Board Network hosts regular networking events for leadership teams to discuss and debate key issues with peers from across different sectors and businesses, including AstraZeneca, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, Financial Reporting Council, EY, S&P Global, White & Case LLP, and more.

Our membership represents a wide range of industry sectors, including those below, enabling boards to learn and benefit from experiences and expertise outside of their own vertical.

The weekly FT Board Network intelligence briefing is curated by senior business writer Andrew Hill and was previously by FT deputy editor, Patrick Jenkins. Andrew offers insightful commentary on the must-read stories on, covering key macro trends, business & economy, and corporate governance for boards, ensuring that leadership teams are fully briefed on the essential information for the week.

FT Board Director Newsletter FT Board Director Newsletter
FT curated for the boardroom

The weekly FT Board Network intelligence briefing is curated by FT senior business writer, Andrew Hill, who provides his own expert insight, as well as a hand-picked selection of the Financial Times news, analysis and commentary that is most relevant

to boards.

Join virtual events, moderated by FT editors, where world-class speakers and subject matter experts explore the biggest challenges and opportunities facing corporate boards today. Our expert panellists debate topics such as the future of business, corporate governance, and technology to help inform strategic decisions. FT Board Network members receive the full report and video-on-demand after each event and have access to all event recordings and reports

in the archive.

How to master risk

Retired four-star general Stan McChrystal has lived a life associated with the deadly risks of combat; he has seen how individuals and organisations, too often and to great costs, fail to mitigate risk. Why? Because they focus on the probability of something happening instead of the interface by which it can be managed. In conversation with Andrew Hill, the FT senior business writer, McChrystal explains how to build and strengthen your organisation's risk management and what it takes to master risk to your and your business’s advantage. Drawing on practical examples ranging from military history to the business world, he shares ten dimensions of control that you can use to detect, assess and respond to risk.

The rise in cyber attacks

Sir Alex Younger, former MI6 chief, discusses with John Thornhill, the FT’s innovation editor, how organisations can protect themselves against cyber attacks and how governments and the private sector can work together to build resilient

cyber strategies.

The FT Board Network resources hub includes news, research, insights, and analysis to help steer member boards towards the issues they need to be focused on most. As well as featuring relevant FT articles, our editors mine through the mass of information published by advisory firms, industry bodies, regulators, and academics and select the essentials. We include research from Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, McKinsey, and other reputable sources.

What is included in the

resources hub?
  • A curated look at the latest FT articles on corporate governance, UK business, ESG, technology, leadership, and

    workforce management
  • Valuable insights from advisory firms, industry bodies, and regulators, providing boards with a range of authoritative perspectives
  • Unlimited access to events with all recordings and key take-out reports available to view

    on demand

Audit and risk




Technology and cybersecurity

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